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December Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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November Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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October Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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September Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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July Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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June Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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May Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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April Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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March Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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February Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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January Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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Most viewed - 2016 DREAM JOURNAL
28 December 2016 4 512 837-2167 (512) 837-2162 Jesus Is Coming, Look Up, Clouds Are in Rows1189 views today
28 April 2016 ??? Armani Green Love 922701187 views today
29 December 2016 4 This Is a Dangerous Dd and I'm Not Going to Comment on It, but It's Related to Last Month's (November) Dreams 27 views today
24 August 2016 Love23 views today
13 December 2016 2 Dd8009 Stock Picks for January 2016.21 views today
24 October 2016 Umbr Bbc Visso Oh Historic Church19 views today
25 October 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 18 views today
30 October 2016 Accident at a Stuart Air Show in Flordia in About a Week or So, Details on Dd.18 views today
23 November 2016 1 Filmmaker Michae Moore Upcoming Hospital Visit Is Caused by This Man, but He Is Not the Man Who Will Torture and Kill Him. 18 views today
7262 1 June 2016 an Awful Accident That's Going to Happen This Monday the 6th of June 2016 (Do Not Know the Time, Place on Dd). 17 views today
29 October 2016 Clinton Did Not Need to Die, Metal Detector Restral if Found Will Be Life Changing U0503q 26â°41'27.73"n 80â° 2'1.35"w (Again, to Save Time Here Is the Exact Location From the Dd) 17 views today
26 November 2016 1 Not Sure17 views today
27 November 2016 3 Donald Trump Did Not Tell Jennifer Roberts, Fbi Warning (So This Event Can Easily Be Avoided)17 views today
29 April 2016 Henry Kissinger's Death Was Wonderful (It's Not Meant to Be Insulting, the Majority of My Death Dreams Evoke a Feeling That's So Pleasurable It's Indescribable 16 views today
18 October 2016 Euro Numbers16 views today
31 December 2016 1 See's All...and It's a Nightmare16 views today
29 March 2016 Debbie Ziegelmeyer 660 Mental Illness Is the Reason for What's About to Happen and She Sees the Proof That This Is Real - Psychic Prediction 7078 29 March 2016 2 15 views today
26 April 2016 1's and 3's Are the Patterns for These 3 Lotteries, Most Numbers Seem to Be in Order (Which Is Very Rare...there Seem to Be 2 of the Same Numbers for the Third, Just Remove the 5) 15 views today
10 September 2016 No Public Comments for Last Nights Dds (Arizona Lights)15 views today
20 November 2016 4 Is Not a Joke You Know What, We? Get Into an Accident Because You Distract Me!!! Road Rage Isis Flag 15 views today
28 November 2016 2 No Idea15 views today
30 December 2016 1 Bus Crash on January 4th of 201715 views today
13 September 2016 3 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 15 views today
28 January 2016 Lottery Numbers, 48 14 19 5 33 46 22 , the Other Numbers Are the Pattern Maxtrix. - Psychic Prediction 6946 28 January 2016 3 Ladd14 views today
25 April 2016 4/25/2016 Dream - Lights and Shadows in the Sky?? Lots of Numbers Here...and Very Scary. 7152 25 April 2016 4 Ladd 14 views today
26 April 2016 Exact Location of North Korea's Missile Launch Pieces, This Is Important Because It's 'highly Radioactive' (See Dd's From February and April This Year. 14 views today
29 April 2016 Marjsero Vic Nishtrn Muslim Grop Burns 4th Church in 3 Years, God Is Real, 212 - 2429240 Jesus Is Real, Not an Accident but an Expert Arsonist 14 views today
30 May 2016 Requested From Past Dd's, These 4 People Were 'murdered' by Donald Trump and That Is All I Wish to Say on This. Bty, the Fbi, Cia, and Dhs Came to My House to Talk to Me About My Dreams...outside...meaning, They Ask Me to Come 14 views today
4 June 2016 Jamies Loves Loibl, Bymber Red Hat 14 views today
26 September 2016 Georgia Lidr No Way Humans Will Live Here in the Next 1,000 Years 865632210 (Same as 2012 Dreams, Nuclear Power Plant Causes the Death of 5,235 People and Approx. 1.7 Million of Unpeople, La and Georgia Usa) 14 views today
23 October 2016 a Terrorist Attack in the Uk Close to a Whole Food ( the Real Place) the Man Who Is Planning This (See Dd) Is in Saint Mary's Church Right Now 20 7610 4180 14 views today
26 October 2016 Fake Clinton Emails Released on Wikileaks on November 1st, 2016 Are Fake and the Same Person Is to Blame. This Is Not Related to the Death of Donald Trump or Hilary Clintons Arrest (Search Past Dd's on This) This Dd Is an Attempt to14 views today
24 November 2016 2 Best Gore Video How to Slaughter the Disbelievers (and I'm Certain This Is the One, (Search Yourself on This One, Very Graphic and Suitable for No One, Click on the Puppy, Trust Me14 views today
28 March 2016 Millions Are Burning Dprk Tunnel 679 This Is About the 200-mile Long Tile System Work Half of North Korea Lives - Psychic Prediction 7072 28 March 2016 2 13 views today
25 April 2016 4/25/2016 Dream Noaa Ocean Current Data Was From the Wrong Year Walker's Cay Airport Perry Cohen (Almost Certain This About a Missing Teen Perry Cohen, and I Did Find a Walkers Cay Airport - Map Attached) - 7149 25 April 2016 1 Ladd 13 views today
26 April 2016 Smoke and Flames Are Everywhere, Tears Are Not? April 29th 2016 - Other Details of This Horrible Event (Same Dream for 2 Nights in a Row) 13 views today
26 April 2016 This Is the Cause of Tomorrows Crash 13 views today
16 June 2016 Lottery 3 7 and 1 Also I'm, Almost 100% Sure This Will Happen Next Week, How Do I Know? Same Symbol Lower Right (and This Place, Also Weird) 13 views today
7318 20 June 2016 13 views today
20 June 2016 4 of 12 Emp Salt? Dprk Fails, Chemical? Dhawan Space, (More on an Upcoming North Korea Emp Weapon Satellite Launch, Says 4 of the 12 Emp Satellites Fail to 'power Up' N0t13 views today
15 August 2016 Liwaa Al Quds, Obama Thanks, Man (I Think) Who Forwarded Video or 'terror', White House Tip Line, Child Beheaded Is, Father (Seems This Has Already Happened in July, and I'm Not Going to Say Any More on This, and I Suggest Y13 views today
27 October 2016 a Ufo13 views today
27 January 2016 Dprk Boat Is 'highly Radioactive' Ger - Psychic Prediction 6939 27 January 2016 2 Ladd12 views today
16 February 2016 Rc H El L en Blue Line Bus 1661372669112516 Not Innotech Something to Do With South Korea - Psychic Prediction 6980 16 February 2016 112 views today
23 March 2016 Dprk Massive Attack Our Mail Servers and All Dhs Servers, Anthrax ?? - Psychic Prediction 7065 23 March 2016 1 12 views today
25 April 2016 4/25/2016 Dream - Removing All Traces of Oranges From Your Diet Can Greatly Increase One's Health. 7150 25 April 2016 2 Ladd 12 views today
7264 1 June 2016 Again, This Is the Man Who Is Responsible for the Death of Donald Trump, I Do Not Think He Has Anything to Do With the Assassination Attempt Next Week (Remember This Is a Dream, Not a Fact or Threat). 12 views today
28 June 2016 No Idea of Anything From Last Night 12 views today
31 July 2016 Brain, This Is the Death Symbol Cayce (No Comment Right Now, Need to Talk to Someone) 12 views today
10 August 2016 Home Address Female Suicide Bomber12 views today
24 August 2016 Drug Paper Bag Love Gun in the Water Eggleston Ave Chicago 12 views today
26 October 2016 Fake Fire Responsible for 2 Deaths (Not Sure Yet, This Is Plane, Not a Truck) 12 views today
7822 26 October 2016 July 28th, 1979 November 29th 2016 Mohamed Badie Anthony Weiner Arrested With Hilary Clinton Planning a Terrorist Attack. This Almost the Same Dd From December 2015, but Did Not Mention the Arrests Were Terrorism Related.12 views today
30 October 2016 Donald Trump Florida Red Hat12 views today
28 November 2016 3 Sao Paulo Long Candles God Is Here 12 views today
8 February 2016 Death Is Birth March 30th 1934 to November 30 2013 January 28th 1954 to Feb 16 2017 Rick Warren - Benny Hinn December 3rd 1952 December 27 201911 views today
25 March 2016 Russian Mafia, ?? Get Out of Muri Bei Bern - Psychic Prediction 7068 25 March 2016 1 11 views today
5 June 2016 Flowers Aug 16 2106 446-112 Selene Gomer Disappearance Is Related to the Cartel Abductions in Mexico 11 views today
16 June 2016 Mom, I Loved You (Sad and No Comment)11 views today
19 June 2016 No Idea What This Is, but Its Going to Happen on June 22nd This Year (in 4 Days) 11 views today
20 June 2016 Video Game Kills Chelsea Handler, and Some Very Scary Objects. Basically a Crazy 'stalker' Person Kill His/her Hero in a Video Game and in Real Life (See Number and Dates on Dd) 11 views today
22 June 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 11 views today
13 August 2016 the Las Vegas Explosions (Soon) Are Related to Both Donald Trump's and Putin's Deaths (No Idea How) 11 views today
23 September 2016 Mob Kills Ellis Stafford 62130112 6b 11 views today
25 September 2016 Cctv Clearly Shows Mohmand **** Buying Ghost Busters Usb Drive - Eraser's, $1 Clearance, New Gel C4 (Upcomming America and Delta Airline's Explosions Were Caused by This Simple Kids Usb Computer Drive in the Shape of a Ghostbu11 views today
7828 28 October 2016 Russian, Not Dprk Hackers Caused Reactor Failure 11 views today
28 November 2016 1 Demerson 44 133 444 Jesus Saved Hm? Go There, March 16th, 1986 - March 17th, 2083 You Were Saved? 44 Copa Sudamericana (Same Dream as Last Week)11 views today
1 May 2017 1 Not Sure11 views today
24 January 2016 Lottery Numbers for Next Month - Psychic Prediction 6934 24 January 2016 1 Ladd10 views today
20 June 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 10 views today
7325 25 June 2016 1 Fft November 29042 036443455 10 views today
25 June 2016 11 School Attack Was Not 'terrorist Related' (I Think) Hrs ?? 10 views today
30 June 2016 All Elahi Friend Works in Bastro (No Clue) 10 views today
30 June 2016 1741 Manatee 447 1137 Cuba Beach 206 10 views today
Iphone Archive July 1 and 2 2016 Jacobs Clay Allisons Lps Drama and Dads Dreams Just Iphone Stuff, Mostly Family Related (Not for Site)10 views today
29 August 2016 Upcoming Terrorist Attack This Monday the 5h of September 2016, More Numbers and Censored. 10 views today
25 September 2016 Single Event Bans Handguns in the Usa Fredis, Trump Killed by Same Caliber Weapon. (Censored and Very Sad) 10 views today
23 October 2016 We Are Ashamed to Be Naked10 views today
7829 28 October 2016 Rosie O'donnell Confirms Secret Relationship With Hillary Clinton, 17 Hotel, Photobucket Account ********* Password *********** 10 views today
October 2016 2641277380 Jungle Road 2135 Tomas Maier (More Killings Over Ego) 10 views today
25 November 2016 3 American Airline Flight 17 Crashes Just 67 Days After Maiden Flight Alt 37510 Feet Cia Not Fbi Dprk Terrorist, Toothpaste (Same Dd Again) 10 views today
25 November 2016 2 This Is About Donald Trump 10 views today
27 November 2016 1 10 views today
27 November 2016 4 Dynamic Airlines Crash in 2017 (There Is No Dynamic Airlines, Just a Dynamic Airways) 10 views today
29 November 2016 3 Danielle Egnew Sees Her Own Death in a Dream. This Is Not Her Death, but Her Friends From the East? 10 views today
29 December 2016 1 Potassium Vet Drug Killed Three More Celebrities, George Michale, Boy George, Carrie Fisher, Tom Cruise, Bill Marshal, Even Williams, Dusty Cohl (I Do Not Know 4 of These Names but Are All Related to at Least 10 Dreams From November O10 views today
13 September 2016 5 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 10 views today
13 September 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 10 views today
13 September 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 10 views today
27 April 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 9 views today
31 May 2016 Fire on Water (See Past Dd's About This Boat)9 views today
31 May 2016 Church Fire (See Feb 2016 Dds)9 views today
28 June 2016 No Idea of Anything From Last Night 9 views today
29 June 2016 Circle Dream Again, Circles Are Everywhere 9 views today
30 June 2016 3rd and 4th Week for July 2016 Mega Millions Us Lottery 9 views today
Dream Review July 20th to July 21st 2016 July 20th - July 21st 2016 Dream Review Video by Brian Ladd9 views today
22 July 2016 Why Did I Waste Most of My Life Fearing Death and Human Created Superstition, at the End of Your Bodies Life, Just as Death Approaches, a Feeling of Undesirable Joy Comes Over You and Tears of Joy Fall Into the Fountain of Youth. 9 views today
23 August 2016 Not Too Late , 3:36 Gods Final Warning 39085 Trust the Dream9 views today
24 August 2016 Board Mountain 66137611 Board House Red 9 views today
25 September 2016 Isis 'pot' Grow House Explosion in 3 Days. Mayor Blasio Killed December 25th in the Unrelated Matter (Yes It Will Be Related, as This Mayor Has Been a Part of Isis for 10 Years!, Sorry Dd From 2007 I Still Remember) 9 views today
25 September 2016 Mayor Mark Lewis Was Replaced by This Man, Mayor Bill Wells, Yet He Is Still a Card-carrying Member of the San Diego Kkk (Upcoming Kkk Murder, I Think)9 views today
4 October 2016 This Is About a Missing Teen From California, Pearl Pinson, Again to Save Time This Is Her Current Location. Dd's Says She Is Not in California but the Grid Clear Shows This Is Not the Case. Brian 9 views today
The Children of Hurricane Matthew God Bless the Usa the Children of Hurricane Matthew God Bless the Usa9 views today
23 October 2016 the Upcoming Jfk Airport Education Will Be Caused by This Single Man, the Public Will Be Told It Was a Hoax, However, This Man Is the Key Person for the December 23rd, 2016 Jfk Tragedy That Killed So Many for No Reason at All9 views today
24 October 2016 Strait of Messina Disaster (See 2013 Dds) 9 views today
27 October 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 9 views today
October 2016 Jay Bienstock Did Not Kill Himself Over Donald Trump 'nigger / N-word' Scandal, This Is an Ongoing Dream Topic Since October of 2015, the Numbers Are a Location of Where Jay's Body Was Found.9 views today
24 November 2016 5 Major World Lottery Numbers for 10, Yes 10 Lotteries for the Month of January 2017 (Will Post Back Here in Febuary 2017 With How Many Picks Were Correct) 9 views today
24 November 2016 4 Goodwill Is ** Terrorist Shopping List Christmas9 views today
24 November 2016 3 Las Vegas Casinos Slot Machine Numbers for the Month of January 2016, a Machine's Serial Numbers Are... 9 views today
27 November 2016 5 904 771-2568 Fight Turns Into Murder and Arson, Not Accident Jackson Cook , Round Bathtub, Burned Carpet, Look Under the Trailer Here9 views today
30 November 2016 2 2256852369 Lies, 44112 Terrorist Fails to Obtain Chemical Weapons From Fbi Undercover Rig Blows Saint Gabriel9 views today
23 January 2016 Ireland Lottery for Next Month, February 2016 - Psychic Prediction 6932 23 January 2016 1 Ladd8 views today
27 January 2016 Pratas Islands, February 16th, 2016 Sea Turtles China Making Bio Weapons - Psychic Prediction 6941 27 January 2016 4 Ladd8 views today
31 January 2016 a Hydro Terminal Explosion Showers an Area of 1 Square Kilometer With Diamonds. - Psychic Prediction 6952 31 January 2016 28 views today
23 March 2016 Tv 5 April 8th, 2016 Smoke Everywhere, the Saddest Day? - Psychic Prediction 7066 23 March 2016 2 8 views today
24 March 2016 Defcon 13 Linked to Upcoming Terrorist Attacks in the Us and Rok - Psychic Prediction 7067 24 March 2016 1 8 views today
1 April 2016 Details of the First 5 Rok Impacts8 views today
4 June 2016 Sold at Shop 11 in 10 Day(S) 2-6 and More Numbers.... 8 views today
8 December 2016 5 as 20 2104965096 Ed Newton Speaks Through God Fire Again (Again Sp.)8 views today